Monday, March 3, 2008

Broke Butt Border - The Minute Scam!

Broke **** Border MinuteScam
April 2005 Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox said they were going to build a fence and secure our border. It is now 2008. Where is the fence?
Where is the money?
Why are so many sheeple blindly following their dictator?
The self proclaimed minuteman leaders or working with and for everything you say you are against if you are hoping for a secure border! Jeff Schwilk, flounder of the san diego minuteman email list has been getting paid by jim glichrist even though they publicly say they have no ties. Isn't that eerily familiar to how gilchrist and simplex played you last time?
They all say they are pro law enforcement and civil rights, yet they have all silenced anyone that has dared to ask a question. Moreover they have committed numerous crimes such as fraud, vandalism, assaults and battery, forgery, and more and they continue to stalk anyone who dares speak out about them. Some have even been shot at, including myself from one of these so called minuteman little dog, robert crooks. jeff schwilk orchestrated numberous vandalisms of the migrants property in mcgonigle canyon since May 2006. They got caught on 1/27/07 but decided to blame the fall guy and 3 others that were not even there.
jeff schwilk continues to say that he is innocent yet he lied about where he was that day. He also says he didn't beat me up even though its on video. They have continues to stalk, threaten and harass me, my family, loved ones and community members, as well as make dozens of false reports to every government or law enforcement agency you can think of. jeff schwilk is pretending to collect money for a legal defense fund when he is not defending anything, he is initiating a lawsuit with your money! He once asked for donations for me when my house was burglarized by who jeff schwilk said to be the violent reconquistas, only to have them sent to his po box I never had access to, then lie and say that I defrauded people and the burglary of our life savings never happened. jim gilchrist claims that other anti illegal immigration advocates tried to high jack him when simple knowledge of the english language will prove that it was quite the opposite.
He works with professional fund raiser and claims to be a CPA. Why is it that his license expired in 1993? What has he been doing since then and where did he come from?
He claims to be fighting the invasion but what has he done besides steal other peoples work and profit off of it? What have any of them done besides cause problems amongst each other in the so called movement?
Have you read their SOP's? They have violated every single rule they supposedly made, yet ostracize anyone who may be successful in leading peope to the truth.
The truth is they ARE THE OTHER SIDE!!! They are fascists that have ties to the old nazi party like brian becked from ANSWER and the social liberation party when in fact they ARE THE PEOPLE ENSLAVING YOU!!!
None of these so called leaders on either side of this debate want to solve the problem! They want to bleed you dry of all your resources then set you up for crimes you didn't commit and put you on lists!
They are the very people you think you are working against!
Why would they say they are against illegal immigration then vote for legislation that is pro amnesty and endorse presidential candidates like huckabee that are clearly pro AMNESTY and work for the CFR???
This is only a means to destroy and divide! You leaders are working together!!!
They are only HELPING to bring about martial law so that they can take over!!!
Everything is set in place! Do not fall for the orchestrated street wars and fake race wars!
They are all working together sitting back laughing at you after they got you to play along with their game!
Stop being a sheep and start thinking for yourself!
A simple search will show you all of this and more...

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